Renesas Vision, Mission & Values, or VMV as we call it in the company, were developed to help our people share a common set of values and a sense of direction as they go about their day-to-day work.

One vital function of our VMV framework is to make us all proud of what we do, to see the bigger picture and the very positive impact of how we, as one global team, contribute to society at large and I always make sure to push home this point to our people whenever I am talking with them at one of our many locations.

Competitors might work out how to copy our hardware or software one day, but it is almost impossible to copy a strong corporate culture which is why our Vision, Mission and Values, our VMV, is so crucial to our operations.

Renesas make things – it’s part of our DNA to be inventive, innovative & creative. We’re providing solutions for our customers, who are all part of the connected world.

We create relationships of trust with customers and partners through our commitment, professionalism & high quality which ultimately creates the Renesas brand that we take so much pride in.

Renesas mission
statements were created in synch with our business strategies and they act as a bridge between concrete, specific business strategies and our high-level Vision.

All mission statements place Customer Value at the core of our activities.

The seven Values, which also form the basis of our Global HR Appraisal system, are guidelines on “how” we fulfil our missions, on how we can keep Renesas on track to fulfilling our Vision.

Yaron Blecher

Field Application Engineer

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Intersil a subsidiary of Renesas is a power management IC manufacturer, with specialized capability in
power management and precision analog technology for applications in industrial, infrastructure, mobile, automotive and aerospace.

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