Advanced Connector Solutions for every application

HIROSE Electric Co., Ltd is a world-class Japanese manufacturer of high-quality connectors.

Established in 1937, HIROSE uses advanced engineering services, excellent customer service, and worldwide manufacturing capabilities to provide technically advanced connector solutions for many industries including industrial, automotive, consumer, testing, broadcasting, and telecommunications.

HIROSE’s Vigorous International Strategy Rests on Three Pillars: Strong Capital Investment, A Highly Skilled Labour Force, And Close Contact with The Product Development Divisions of Client Manufacturers Throughout the World.
With the Technical Knowledge Gained from This Contact, Backed by The Company’s Own Human and Financial Resources, Hirose Is Dedicated Both to Meeting Connector Demand World-Wide and To Contributing Meaningfully to Progress In Connector Technology.

European offices were established over 30 years ago to compete internationally in Europe. In 2010, The European offices were merged together to form HIROSE Electric Europe B.V to serve the EMEA market better. The European headquarters is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Hirose 2024 new catalogue
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