Since founded in 1989, C.R.G. Electronics Ltd., a veteran Distributor and Representative, delivers innovative & cutting edge technology solutions for the Israeli Electronics Industry as well as high-end, quality products for the local PC Market.

In 2012, C.R.G. responded to the gravity shift of local production to eastern regions and sold its industry
distribution operations to Avnet.

The move triggered a change in the company’s business model and the Electronics Industry division
has leveraged it’s decades of experience as a representative and deep technical knowledge in order to
now focus on representation only.

In parallel, CRG is expanding its PC & Retail operations as well as driving the potential for the emerging
energy market making the integration of new products possible and benefiting.

Located in Karmiel, with a sales & marketing branch in Tel Aviv, C.R.G. Electronics Ltd represents a range of international manufacturers and brands linked with high quality.

Our goal 
We believe in long – term relationship with our customers, achieved by pre. & post technical support engineers, marketing and a customer service oriented professional team, dedicated to the success of our partners.

Welcome to our world.
The C.R.G. team.

C.R.G Quality Management System, 
has been assessed and complies 
with the requirements of:
ISO 9001:2015
This Certificate is Applicable to:
Distribution and selling of memory chips and electronics equipment and representation of electronics equipment companies.