Tailored For Your Needs

Leveraging our experience and knowhow, we offer custom design services for embedded AI boards or complete systems as well as for embedded cameras, answering any specific needs and Edge AI or Embedded Compute use cases.

Our partners provide electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software development, FPGA development, project management, and environmental compliance and certifications.

Our engineers are backed by years of experience in the field. From board level through to finished packaged goods CRG can provide an end to end solution.


Our Guidelines

Determining the customer needs

Understanding the application and use case proposing the most suitable solution

Non-recurring engineering estimate

An estimate of the cost to research, develop, design, and test your custom product.

Ongoing manufacturing estimate

An estimate outlining the manufacturing costs to produce your customized product.

Ensure budgets align

We’ll share the estimates with you to ensure our budgets align.
We don’t want to leave you in the dark on where the project will lead.

Time to proceed

If the budgets align, we proceed to Step 3; if not, we’ll re-evaluate in order to agree on a new estimate.

Formal hardware preliminary specification

Generated to show preliminary technical specifications of the custom product.

Statement of work

Outlines the steps to be taken based on the specification for the project to be completed. This also includes the project schedule.

We strive for transparency at every turn

The preliminary specification, statement of work, and schedule will all be delivered to the customer to be agreed upon step-by-step.
The importance of this agreement is that the customer gets exactly what they ask for.

Customer decides how often they meet

This may be weekly, monthly, or upon key deliverables.

Most projects completed in 10-16 weeks from invoice to verified prototype.

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