The Trillion-Parameter Instrument of AI

Open up enormous potential in the age of AI with a new class of AI supercomputer that fully connects 256 NVIDIA Grace Hopper™ Superchips into a singular GPU. NVIDIA DGX™ GH200 is designed to handle terabyte-class models for massive recommender systems, generative AI, and graph analytics, offering 144 terabytes (TB) of shared memory with linear scalability for giant AI models.


Giant Memory for Giant Models

NVIDIA DGX GH200 is the only AI supercomputer that offers a massive shared memory space of 144TB across 256 NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchips, providing developers with nearly 500X more memory to build giant models.

Super Power-Efficient Computing

Grace Hopper Superchips eliminate the need for a traditional PCIe CPU-to-GPU connection by combining an NVIDIA Grace™ CPU with an NVIDIA Hopper™ GPU on the same package, increasing bandwidth by 7X and slashing interconnect power consumption by more than 5X.

Integrated and Ready to Run

Build giant models in weeks instead of months with a turnkey DGX GH200 deployment. This full-stack data center-class solution includes integrated software and white-glove services from NVIDIA, from design to deployment, to speed the ROI of AI


Technical Specifications

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