OOB Module


Augments the wide range of NVIDIA® Jetson™ AI Systems with Allxon remote management functionality

As one of the NVIDIA® Jetson™ preferred partners, Allxon Device Management Solutions (Allxon DMS) provides a wide breadth of centralized cloud device management services, saving businesses from managing mass devices of multi-platform interfaces. System integrators are able to remotely control and manage these devices through the entire device lifecycle.

This solution can help businesses to organize, monitor, update, and troubleshoot AIoT devices of any scale and in any environment efficiently.





OOB (Out-of-Band) Power Cycling

OOB power cycling enables remote control of the power state. The Out-of-Band feature has the capability to perform a complete reboot on a system that is physically turned off. This feature saves considerable time, eliminating the time needed to physically travel to each site where Jetson systems were deployed.


Secure, Remote Jatpack Recovery

In the rare event that the Jetson system is corrupted or a JetPack update is required, the Secure, Remote JetPack Recovery feature provides a remote management access to field technicians. With Allxon DMS solutions, field technicians can remotely put the device in to JetPack Recovery mode, enabling it to be recovered without requiring physical access. This significantly streamlines operations, saving the operator time and cost, while providing a fast-acting fail-safe mechanism for critical AIoT deployments.



Automatically Upload/ Download System Logs

System logs or any application logs are critical in AIoT. With Allxon DMS, the logs can be uploaded to the Portal from edge AI devices, and can be further downloaded from the Portal. Engineers can leverage the collected data to improve process, detection & recognition on edge AI devices. Moreover, advanced analytics can also help engineers to discover log patterns & perform issue diagnosis.


OTA (Over-The-Air) Deployment

Unified systems and software versions across devices is a must to ensure a baseline compatibility and avoid time-consuming troubleshooting on juggling multi-version deployments. OTA updates save time and cost, and can be scheduled to perform the updates during out-of-hours to minimize business downtime. The updates on edge-AI functionalities can help devices to deploy new AI models or new training intelligence that may improve the overall computing effectiveness.

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