GT50 Series

High Vibration Resistance and 125℃ Heat Resistance for Automotive
Small Wire-to-Board Connector GT50 Series

Ideal for the Internal Connection of Automotive Applications

Resulting from the shift to electronic vehicles due to technical innovations in EVs and autonomous driving, demand for wire-to-board connectors for the internal connection of automotive applications has increased. With limited mounting space available in these applications, there is a particular need for smaller and lighter connectors. At the same time, resistance to heat generated from the high mounting density of electrical components and high reliability to withstand vibration during driving are also essential.

The GT50 Series is a compact and highly robust connector meeting all of these conditions. Furthermore, the contact design and material provide high vibration resistance and 125℃ heat resistance, making it ideal for automotive applications.

Small Connector with 1mm Pitch


GT50 is a small connector with 1mm pitch and 5.97mm height. The applicable cable size is a thin 0.08sq, about 75% lighter* than the 0.3sq size cable that is often used for internal connection in automotive applications.
* Weight comparison with generic cables

Vibration and Heat Resistant Automotive Quality Contact Design

The position of the cable crimp area is optimized, and the stabilizer prevents the contacts from moving inside the housing, ensuring strong vibration resistance* even in harsh automotive environments. Compared to a similar sized connector used in consumer appliances, GT50 reduces wear on the contacts. In addition, the heat resistant material of the crimp contact ensure 125°C heat resistance.

Vibration Test Conditions
Frequency: 10Hz – 500Hz (sine wave), Acceleration: 5g, Time: 8h in 3 directions, total 24h (Cable conductor resistance is excluded.)

Product Specifications:

Rated Current

2pos.: 2A
16pos.: 1.5A

Rated Voltage


Operating Temperature

-40 to +125

Contact Resistance

Initial: 30mΩ Max.
After Environmental Test: 50mΩ Min.

Withstanding Voltage

 300V AC for 1 min.

Insulation Resistance

500MΩ Min. (100V DC)

Mating Durability

 10 times


Mass Production: 2 and 16pos.
Under Development: 4, 6, 8, and 12pos.
*Development of a vertical type is under consideration.

Applicable Cable

0.08sq (0.127mm×7), Outer Diameter 0.7-0.8m


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