SEEED studio reComputer J4011-Edge AI Device with NVIDIA Jetson Orin™ NX 8GB module

SEEED studio reComputer J4011-Edge AI Device with NVIDIA Jetson Orin™ NX 8GB module

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reComputer J4011 built with Jetson Orin NX 8GB is a powerful and compact intelligent edge box to bring up to 70TOPS modern AI performance to the edge, which offers more than 3.5X the performance of Jetson Xavier NX and more than 2X the performance of Jetson AGX Xavier. Combining the NVIDIA Ampere™ GPU architecture with 64-bit operating capability, Jetson Orin NX integrates advanced multi-function video and image processing, and NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerators.


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reComputer series for NVIDIA Jetson are compact edge computers built with NVIDIA advanced AI embedded systems: J10 (Nano)and J20 (Xavier NX 8/16GB). Now we introduce the reComputer J4011 which is powered by Jetson Orin™ NX 8GB module and reComputer J401 carrier board.

With rich extension modules, industrial peripherals, and thermal management, reComputer for Jetson is ready to help you accelerate and scale the next-gen AI product by deploying popular DNN models and ML frameworks to the edge and inferencing with high performance, for tasks like real-time classification and object detection, pose estimation, semantic segmentation, and natural language processing (NLP).


  • Brilliant AI Performance for production: on-device processing with up to 70 TOPS AI performance with low power and low latency
  • Hand-size edge AI device: compact size at 130mm x120mm x 58.5mm, includes NVIDIA Jetson Orin™ NX production module, a heatsink, enclosure, and a power adapter. Support desktop, wall mount, fit in anywhere
  • Expandable with rich I/Os: 4x USB3.2, HDMI 2.1, 2xCSI, 1xRJ45 for GbE, M.2 Key E, M.2 Key M, CAN and GPIO
  • Accelerate solution to market: pre-installed JetPack with NVIDIA JetPack™ 5.1.1 on the included 128GB NVMe SSD, Linux OS BSP, 128GB SSD, support Jetson software and leading AI frameworks and software platforms
  • Comprehensive certificates: FCC, CE, RoHS, UKCA

The full system includes one NVIDIA Jetson Orin™ NX 8GB production module, a heatsink, and a power adapter. reComputer J4011 is preinstalled with NVIDIA JetPack™ 5.1.1, simplifies development, and fits for deployment for edge AI solution providers working in video analytics, object detection, natural language processing, medical imaging, and robotics across industries of smart cities, security, industrial automation, smart factories.

Hardware Overview

Interface-rich reference carrier board

Seeed carrier board for reComputer J4011 is a high-performance, interface-rich board, providing HDMI 2.1, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.2, M.2 key E, M.2 key M, CSI camera, CAN, GPIO, I2C, I2S, fan, and other rich peripheral interfaces.

Take advantage of the small form factor, sensor-rich interfaces, and big performance to bring new capabilities to all your embedded AI and edge systems.


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